CUPRA: A new brand is born.

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Now the time has come for CUPRA to gain its own soul, its own DNA, its own identity. Today the brand introduces the new CUPRA logo, giving a first glimpse of what the sports car brand will become.

The new logo balances different worlds and different elements, bringing together passion, precision, style and performance, with determination and courage, all perfectly embodied in the new brand. More than a logo of a sports car, it is a symbol of all that the CUPRA  stands for.

CUPRA will be a new and unique contemporary vision of sportiness, combined with beauty, style, functionality, personalization, technology and reliability.

But CUPRA will be more than a car brand. All will be revealed at the CUPRA’s official debut on February 22nd, where guests will have the chance to discover more at an unforgettable presentation event. After its unveiling, the first CUPRA models will be introduced to the public at the beginning of March during the Geneva International Motor Show.

The reveal of the new logo also marks the beginning of the new CUPRA brand official webpage