SEAT values innovation.

SEAT is holding the second edition of its Innovation Day on 28 and 29 October, an inspirational event focused on identifying and encouraging the spirit of innovation among the company’s own employees. Following the success of the first edition, which presented some initiatives that have already been implemented, this year SEAT is introducing a hybrid format that combines online and on-site activities and sessions. The aim is to share new ideas, visions and projects, and to encourage an innovative spirit among the company’s employees as a whole.

The event will be structured in three parts: a Summit or fair in which more than 50 innovative projects arising within the company will be presented; a series of inspirational Talks with experts in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship; and a third section of Challenges, in which multidisciplinary teams will work on the different phases of a project, from the idea to its implementation.

The second edition of Innovation Day has been adapted to the circumstances caused by the pandemic and will take place in a hybrid format, combining digital and in-person aspects. Using 3D technology, SEAT has created a virtual platform where employees can visit different spaces, interact in real time during presentations, learn about the latest projects and share ideas with different experts.

SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros said: “Innovation is a basic element of SEAT’s corporate culture. With Innovation Day, we aim to convey the importance of innovation to our more than 15,000 employees in their daily activities, because their ideas today can be the starting point for a project with real impact on the business tomorrow.”

Hybrid format event

Those who participate online will have access to a platform that enables them to attend the 3D Virtual Summit, using a personalised avatar that enables interaction with visitors and exhibitors. They will thus get closer to the SEAT Universe, which includes 50 online stands, specific 3D designed content and exchange experiences with other participants. In addition, they will be able to participate in various digital challenges or access interactive rooms where they can discover innovative projects, as well as attend talks via the YouTube channel and virtual rooms.

2nd “Innovation Day” to promote importance of, and culture around innovation.

The live experiences offered by SEAT during the sessions, which are implemented in accordance with established healthcare protocols, include visits, technological tests, specialised presentations or experiences that show how to use innovation to find solutions to some of the company’s challenges. This edition of Innovation Day has several showrooms featuring lighting and virtual reality, as well as some of the breakthroughs incorporated into CUPRA. In addition, five transversal teams will use agile methodologies to solve corporate challenges, with which they intend to obtain innovative solutions that respond to the current challenges facing the company and develop new products and services.

To raise the level of this edition, the company offers its professionals the possibility of attending inspirational talks given from SEAT’s headquarters in Martorell and CASA SEAT, which can also be accessed from the digital platform. Some of the participating experts include:

- Miguel Álava, director of Amazon Web Services: “Amazon: Leading the innovative culture”, at SEAT Martorell and on the digital platform.

- Manuel Carricano, director of the Data-Driven Decisions Institute and professor of Operations, Innovation and Data Science at the ESADE Business School: “Data Strategy”, at SEAT Martorell and on the digital platform.

- Nerea Luis, Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Sngular: “Artificial Intelligence applied to business”, at SEAT Martorell and streamed on the digital platform.

Attendees will interact in real-time with creators of more than 50 innovative projects.

- David Calle, YouTube teacher, founder of Unicoos and SEAT Ambassador of Education and Youth Empowerment: “Innovation and education”, at CASA SEAT, streamed on the digital platform and via the CASA SEAT YouTube channel.

- Claudia de la Riva, CEO of Nannyfy: “Nannyfy: entrepreneurship and opportunities”, at CASA SEAT, streamed on the digital platform and via the CASA SEAT YouTube channel.

Following the event, a team of multidisciplinary experts will vote on and reward the three most relevant projects, and the winners will subsequently present their initiatives to the company’s Executive Committee.

SEAT INNOVA: innovation 365 days a year

In addition, and with the aim of promoting innovation among its employees on a daily basis, SEAT has launched SEAT INNOVA, a virtual portal that connects workers with the company’s leading experts and offers inspiration through the projects carried out in previous years, while enabling them to participate in challenges, workshops and talks linked to all areas of the company.

SEAT INNOVA, which will also be the gateway to the Innovation Day digital platform, is made up of 5 main sections: Activities, Get Started, Participate, Projects and Connect. It will also enable the experts to share projects, business solutions and significant innovations.