SEAT committed to diversity.

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SEAT is a company committed to people. In its endeavour to promote respect and diversity as an integrated value in the company’s daily activity, the carmaker has been promoting projects, processes, training and awareness-raising activities for years. Within this vision, Pride@SEAT has been born, an LGBT+ initiative (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other groups of sexual and gender minorities) created by people who work at SEAT and supported by the Human Resources department. This proposal joins the company’s firm commitment to human rights, included in its diversity and inclusion strategy, which outlines policies and measures to foster diversity and equal treatment.

The main objective of Pride@SEAT is to create an open space for everyone who works at SEAT to raise awareness and provide visibility and support for the LGBT+ community, as well as to establish a network in which everyone who believes in the values of the LGBT+ community can participate in organising meetings. In addition, a series of initiatives and actions to promote inclusion both inside and outside the company will be promoted.

“At SEAT we believe in diversity and inclusion as a natural basis for all our business activities. Our commitment to integration seeks to go beyond barriers and stereotypes to foster an open, inclusive company. For this reason, we strongly support the creation of the Pride@SEAT group by people who work for the company as a further step in our aim to promote diversity”, said SEAT Executive Vice-president for Human Resources and Organisation Xavier Ros.

Miguel Díez, the driving force behind Pride@SEAT, declared that “with the creation of this group, we seek to connect with people who embrace LGBT+ values while celebrating diversity within SEAT. The support we’ve received from the company for the implementation of this initiative demonstrates the integration of equality in the core business.”

SEAT commemorates International LGBT+ Pride Day

This is how SEAT is joining in on the celebration of International LGBT+ Pride Day. From today and over the next few days, the company has coloured the entrance to all its facilities, as well as CASA SEAT, with the rainbow flag as a symbol of diversity and tolerance. In addition, a social media campaign is being launched this Sunday with the hashtags #SEATpride #wedriveproud to raise awareness, promote and celebrate inclusion in society.

Living diversity as a pillar of corporate strategy

Tolerance, respect and inclusion are core values for SEAT. These principles are included in the company’s diversity and inclusion strategy and in the Volkswagen Group’s Group Essentials, seven principles on which the Group’s corporate culture is based, namely responsibility, honesty, courage, diversity, pride, solidarity and reliability.